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Find out about this old Scots Border Clan – its origins, history and territory; and more on the Scottish Border Region and the Reiver Clans.

The Border Irvings & Irvines recognised as a Scottish Clan by Act of Parliament 1587 with its Chiefs descended from William Irving of Bonshaw 1506.

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The Book of the Irvings

This rare book is the definitive guide to the Irving & Irvine Clan researched and authored by Colonel John Beaufin Irving of Bonshaw. The digital edition is now available to purchase and download online, and includes a preface by the present Clan Chief, Rupert Irving of Bonshaw.



Irving of Bonshaw and Carruthers; the sharing of an historical path

This article has been written by George Carruthers – Convenor, Clan Carruthers Society and contains some interesting and historical links between the two Clans – the Irvings of Bonshaw and Carruthers of Holmains.



The name of ‘Erivine’ or, contracted, ‘Irving’ or ‘Irvine’, is understood by most researchers to come from either the ancient Celtic word ‘Erin-viene’ or ‘Erin-fiene’, which means a ‘true Westland man’