Useful Links

Website links to some of the Scots Border Clans & Clan Societies within the Borders region.

East March

The official website for this Border Clan.

Website for the Scotts of Buccleuch and Harden and Dukes of Buccleuch

Website for all those named Home or Hume.

Middle March

From Upper Liddesdale and allied with the Elliots.

Elliot Clan Society

Armstrong Clan Association

Clan Pringle Association

Turnbull Clan Association

Clan Rutherford/Rutherfurd Association

Clan Douglas Society of North America

The Routledge Clan Society

West March

Links to Clan Society sites in New Zealand and North America.

Clan Johnstone in America

Clan Johnstone seat in the Annandales

Clan Maxwell Society in North America

Clan Moffat Society

Clan Carruthers

Clan Bell North America

Website links to other sites of general interest in Events & Festivals in Scotland, Scots Clans & Scottish History, North America and Australia.

Tom Moss – writer and historian of the Borders, Rose Cottage Publications.

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For interest in Scottish History

For what’s going on in Australia

For what’s going on in North America

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